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Autism and Vitamin DVitamin D Theory of AutismDoes the vitamin D theory best explain autism?What is the risk of going in the sun?What Is Autism?What are the five unexplained features of autism?Are autism rates increasing?The Vitamin D ConnectionPredisposition—what gene should we be looking for?Two clues: rare genetic malformations of the vitamin D systemWhat is the role of the vitamin D receptor in autism?The Role of SunlightVitamin D intake—are children and pregnant women getting as much as they used to?When did health authorities recommend sun–avoidance?Did authorities recommend compensatory vitamin D intakes?Have vitamin D levels fallen as autism has increased?About Vitamin DHow is vitamin D unique?Does human behavior determine vitamin D levels?Vitamin D and the BrainIs vitamin D required for normal brain development?Does maternal vitamin D deficiency injure the developing brain?Is autism an ongoing destructive inflammatory disease process?Do brains function better with higher vitamin D?Does vitamin D explain the role of vaccines, mercury, and heavy metals?Vitamin D Deficiency’s Role In AutismDo children with common rickets show signs of autism?Does vitamin D explain autism’s frequent infections?Drugs that interfere with vitamin D metabolism—do they cause autism?Does vitamin D explain seizures, which are common in autism?Vitamin D Explains AutismWhy are boys at higher risk?Does vitamin D–rich fish prevent autism?Is autism less common at the equator?Sunscreen—does it increase risk?Why do children first develop signs around the age of weaning?Evidence Autism Responds To Sunlight and Vitamin DDo vitamin D–containing multivitamins help children’s brains?Does autism improve in the summer?Can autistic children ever get better?The Black Community: A Tragic InjusticeIs autism more common in dark–skinned people?Do blacks have a higher risk of pregnancy problems?Are black, pregnant women more likely to be vitamin D deficient?Are black children at a disadvantage, right from conception?What Should We Do Right Now?I prefer to avoid sunlight, what should I do?How much vitamin D should I take?Is Autism Iatrogenic?